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"Umbro is not a brand for the superficial or faint of heart. We represent all levels of the game, understanding that success can come from backs to the wall or breathtaking skill. Umbro has been at the heart and soul of football since 1924. With more than 90 years in the game, we’ve experienced all the highs and the lows football has to offer, yet our commitment has never wavered. Today the double diamond is worn with pride and passion the world over – from the Premier League to the Campeonato Brasileiro – and every place in-between. Umbro founder Harold Humphreys believed that style was a performance advantage – if you look smart, you play smart – a belief we retain today, combining stylish and technical kits with a professional service for all our teams."

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 Labrynth truly came into it’s own in early 1990 when it found itself a permanent home at The Four Aces Club on Dalston Lane, London. Labrynth at the Four Aces was at the forefront of that movement. Helping to launch the careers of Billy “Daniel” Bunter, Kenny Ken, Eamon Downes (Liquid) and Sarah HB among others, Labrynth attracted party-goers from all over the country every Friday and Saturday night, week-in, week-out, for six and a half years – securing Labrynth’s status as one of the most prolific and longest running club-nights. Labrynth not only helped guide punters through several shifts in the rave scene – with the original sounds of acid house giving birth to hardcore and eventually jungle/drum and bass – but also played a pivotal role in the lives of four young lads from Braintree, Essex. As regulars at the club they eventually approached the management and secured their first live gig under the name of The Prodigy. Without a doubt, Labrynth is well and truly embedded in the history and folklore of rave and club culture in the UK."