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bhfc Elite Academy


BHFC has worked extremely hard to be a advocate of inclusiveness for all abilities, while making things fun, giving players enjoyment at competitive level and enabling them to develop. These focuses are the backbone of the club ethos.  Also, within our football programmes we always put a high emphasis on promoting and inherit qualities, that youngsters can become more receptive to serious messages about drugs and health awareness, building better relationships with their peers, and find a more fulfilling series of options such as job opportunities, education than hanging about on the streets. At BHFC, we are massive believer that football can have a major role in helping young people find a way out of their problems.

On the other hand, over the years, we have attracted many talented players, who have gone on to sign for professional teams such as Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Watford, Charlton and AFC Wimbledon. However, as a Club we believe that we could have had more success stories if we had a structured programme in place for our talented players, who potentially have the ability to play at a higher level.

There is simply too big a gap between the grass-root set-up and professional academies and players aren’t prepared in the right way for the level of professional football.

Most of our players have found the transition extremely difficult over the years and it seems that more often than not we have not got it right.

As a Club we have decided to bridge the gap closer by creating an Elite Programme, which would certainly provide better competition, with youngsters playing at a higher standard regularly, and pushing each other to higher levels.

This exciting programme will give talented young players between the ages of 7-14 the chance to experience and prepare them for an academy environment, as it is designed to bridge the gap between grassroots and academy football. We provide players with the skills required to help them progress to a professional/county standard of football as well as gain an opportunity to experience a similar academy environment.


Players will ONLY be selected from our BLUE TEAMS.

Selection will be based upon players ABC (Ability, Behaviour and Commitment).

At any time if players are not achieving the above requirements, their places will be offered to another


Selection will be made by Senior Bedhead staff member taking in to consideration the coaches feedback


Players will receive an additional training session on a weekly basis and a games against professional and private football academies. Training and all fixture will be on a Monday evening and will not interfere with their Bedhead FC team's schedule.

The Elite academy, will include a sports science programme and will be taken by more experienced coaches.

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